TAC Publishes County Officials’ Salaries

2022 Salary Survey, showing salaries for all elected officials and county auditors, is now available online.

May 27, 2022

Legislative News

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Results from the 2022 TAC Salary Survey are now available.

In addition to the PDF report on county.org, an MS Excel workbook is available on the same web page with base salary data for all surveyed offices, including salary ranges for county commissioners, constables and justices of the peace.

TAC mailed hard copies of the report to county offices that participated in the survey. In addition, courtesy copies were sent to the county judges in the participating counties.

Corrections and additions are included in both PDF and MS Excel versions of the online report as they are received, and those changes are noted on the TAC website.

The first additional response has been added to the online reports and noted on the web page. An updated printed copy containing corrections and additions will be mailed soon.

As we receive additional submissions, the information will also be entered into the online reports.

Please send questions, comments and edits to County Information Program Senior Analyst Tim Brown.