Selected Grant Opportunities for Texas Counties

Many state and federal grant opportunities are available to Texas counties. Here are a select number currently open to applicants.

June 23, 2022

Legislative News

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Federal Funding Opportunities

Family Violence Program: Special Nonresidential Projects (HHSC)
Date Due: 6/28/2022
Funding Agency Contact:
Improving Adult and Juvenile Crisis Stabilization and Community Reentry Program
Date Due: 7/28/2022
Funding Agency Contact: or 800–851–3420
2022 Bridge Investment Program (BIP)
Planning Applications Date Due: 7/25/2022
Bridge Project Applications Date Due: 9/8/2022
Large Bridge Applications Date Due: 8/9/2022
Funding Agency Contact: (preferred) or 202-366-4255

State Funding Opportunities

Rural Communities Health Care Investment Program (RCHIP)
Date Due: 7/15/2022
Funding Agency Contact:
Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP): Post-Fire Fiscal Year 2022
Date Due:  11/1/2022
Funding Agency Contact: Texas Regional Hazard Mitigation Staff

For more on these and other grant opportunities, please visit the Texas Association of Counties' grant opportunities webpage, or contact Megan Molleur or Zelma Smith.