Gov. Abbott Orders Special Session to Begin July 8; Agenda Items Pending

June 25, 2021

Legislative News

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Gov. Abbott Calls Legislature Into Special Session

Using his authority under the Texas Constitution, Gov. Greg Abbott has followed through on his promise to call lawmakers back to Austin to complete their "unfinished business." In addition to his sole authority to convene a special session, only the governor may set the subject matter legislators may consider. That’s not to say a representative or senator cannot file legislation outside the stipulated subject(s) — indeed it is typical — but without the governor’s express approval, such legislation serves only as a statement or entreaty.

Abbott has so far only announced the date upon which the Capitol will return to business, July 8. He previously said he would call lawmakers back to enact election and criminal bail law changes not passed during the regular session. But in announcing the imminent special session, Abbott only offered that the subjects to be considered “will be announced prior to the convening of the special session.”

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