AG Opinions and Requests

December 07, 2018

Legislative News

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TAC has highlighted recent Attorney General Opinions and Requests for Opinions of interest to counties.

Attorney General Opinions

KP-0222 Whether recreational vehicle park guests are licensees or tenants (RQ-0222-KP) Summary: An agreement between a recreational vehicle park and a guest staying on the premises in a recreational vehicle may establish a landlord-tenant relationship, a license, or other legal relationship depending on its terms.

Requests for Attorney General Opinions

RQ-0254-KP: The Honorable Jaime Esparza, El Paso District Attorney, Whether repeal of 40 U.S.C. 318 affects the authority the Legislature granted to Federal Protective Service officers under article 2.122(b) of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.
RQ-0255-KP: The Honorable Joe Moody, Chair, Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence, Texas House of Representatives, Whether a local law enforcement agency's "no-chase" policy limits a peace officer's duty to prevent and suppress crime and exposes the peace officer to civil liability for later harm caused by the offender the peace officer failed to chase.
RQ-0257-KP: The Honorable Marco A. Montemayor, Webb County Attorney, Whether individuals convicted of a felony are eligible to run for office in Texas after completing their sentence and having their voting rights restored.