LegalEase Newsletter

In addition to the TAC Helpline and legal handbooks, the Legal Services Division produces LegalEase, a monthly email highlighting timely, relevant and interesting topics affecting county government. We hope you find it helpful and occasionally entertaining.

Questions addressed in LegalEase have been sorted by subject matter for your reference below.

County Officials

What are the limits on a public servant accepting honorarium? Are there any exceptions?

Who is responsible for ensuring newly elected officials complete their oaths and bonds on time?

Does TAC’s Legal Department have any resources to help counties with population-bracketed laws?

What are the notification requirements when an individual’s sensitive personal information is exposed?

What legal resources does TAC’s Legal Department provide to county officials?

May a resignation of a county office be set to take effect at a future date?

May a District Clerk serve as a reserve deputy sheriff?

Can a marriage license issued in Texas be used in another state?

May a sitting member of the commissioners court be appointed to fill a vacancy?

Is it possible to withdraw a resignation?​

Is the county required to pay an official who was suspended during an unsuccessful removal action for the time someone else was appointed to the office?​

If a candidate runs for office claiming they will abolish it, must they actually do so if elected?

Can the county pay for the expenses for a county official-elect?

What training is required of newly elected officials?

When may an elected official take their oath of office?

Who may administer oaths of office?

May a county constable also serve as a bailiff?

Is a deceased public official entitled to their last bi-weekly paycheck or should it be prorated to the day of her death?

Is the county required to furnish office space to the county attorney in the courthouse?

If an officeholder refuses their salary, are they exempt from dual office holding provisions?

May a Justice of the peace serve as a jailer?