Annual Cybersecurity Compliance Training

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TAC's DIR-certified cybersecurity training

Texas House Bill 3834, effective June 14, 2019, requires all elected officials and most local government employees to complete an annual cybersecurity training program that has been certified by the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).

House Bill 1118, effective May 18, 2021, adds a penalty for noncompliance with the training requirement.

TAC offers counties a free cybersecurity course that is certified to fulfill HB 3834's requirements each year. Affected entities are required to report their staff’s completion of a certified course to DIR by Aug. 31 each year.

Who needs to complete a certified course?

The law applies to the following:

  • All local government elected officials.
  • Local government and state agency employees who have access to a government computer system or database.
  • State agency contractors who have access to a government computer system or database.

What is the penalty for noncompliance?

HB 1118 requires counties that apply for grants outlined in Government Code Chapter 772 on or after Sept. 1, 2021, to submit with the grant application a written certification of the county’s compliance with the annual cybersecurity training.

Counties that apply for and receive a grant outlined in this chapter on or after Sept. 1, 2021, but have not complied with the cybersecurity training requirement will have to repay the grant to the state. Additionally, the county will be ineligible for another grant until the second anniversary of the date the local government is determined ineligible.

Reporting compliance with HB 3834

TAC provides its certified cybersecurity course as a means for counties and organizations to comply with HB 3834. However, TAC does not monitor, enforce or report course completion.

Your organization will need to report compliance with the training requirement to the Department of Information Resources by Aug. 31 each year, asserting that all of its required employees have completed a cybersecurity training course that has been certified by DIR to fulfill the requirements of HB 3834.

Questions? Contact TAC's Cybersecurity Training Support Team at or (800) 456-5974.