Accepting applications through Sept. 18 for Leadership 254, Class of 2021-22

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The Texas Association of Counties is accepting applications for Leadership 254, Class of 2021-22, until Sept. 18, 2020. County officials can apply online at leadership254.

Leadership 254 is designed to advance the skills of county officials to enable them to meet the unique challenges of their duties and to enhance their leadership skills and style.

"For years, I've listened to a daily diet of leadership-related podcasts, but almost all are designed for leaders in the for-profit sector, none for leading a governmental agency. This program powerfully addresses how and why to best lead a Texas governmental agency and its people," said Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis, Class of 2019-20.

Through four modules and over the course of 14 months, participants learn to overcome their limitations to redefine the possibilities they set for themselves, their courthouse, their county official association and their constituents.

Leadership skills are advanced through:

  • Interactive discussion.
  • Theory building.
  • Skill assessments.
  • Experiential learning activities.

Leadership 254 will challenge, stretch and — most importantly — transform participants into leaders who positively influence their counties and Texas.

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